You Are Technical, And So Is Everyone Else

You Are Technical, And So Is Everyone Else

Part of why we founded DEFcon 201 is to combat misplaced notions surrounding Technology and a person being “Technical”. Every now and again, I will meet someone who describes themselves as a non-technical person. This is in fact not true. All people are in fact technical. Everything from flipping a lightswitch to driving a car is in fact a technical operation. Most people use cellphones, computers, the internet, automobiles. Even those that do not, used previous generations of machines like typewriters, faxes, phones, and bicycles. These are all machines with histories. Engineered constructions.

Its always been like this. The very concept of civilization is a society and social evolution around machines and engineering. All known human societies are in fact known to use construct and use tools. It is noted by the peoeple who study as such as a common defining element of humanity. To us there is nothing greater to be more in touch with the human spirit than to understand and have agency of the tools we use, and define our lives. Be it computers and phones, or even automobiles, trains, and radios.

Some people have noted that others do in fact seek and master a greater understanding of the engineering in their surroundings than others. There is a misplaced shroud of secrecy and mythos surrounding these seekers and the machines they operate. It is the mission of our group invite the public to gain a better understanding and knowledge of the machines already in their lives that they use and depend on. For gaining knowledge and capaiblities in such system is to give agency, we aruge that it be the right of all peoples and persons to be able to understand such technology around them, as well as pursue technology to enrich and better their own lives.

We, at DC201 urge you to be more technical, to get in touch with the machines around you, you depend on, and with it. We are here to help.

- GI Jack, Co-Founder, DC201

North East New Jersey DEFCON Group Chapter. Dirty Jersey Represent! We meet at Sub Culture once a month to hack on technology projects!

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