Watch FOSDEM 2022 With DCG 201 Charity LIVE Stream :: Feb 5th — Feb 6th

Date: February 5th, Saturday — February 6th, Sunday




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On Saturday, February 5th & Sunday, February 6th starting each day at 4:00 AM EST, join the staff of DCG201 for a special LIVE Stream watching, interacting and reacting to the largest Free & Open Source Software convention, FOSDEM!

During our LIVE Stream, this will be our final fundraiser push to for our Charity Drive to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help out pediatric centers & ill children across the US & Canada!


Live Streams:







4:00 AM
SGX Enclave Exploit Analysis and Considerations for Defensive SGX Programming
Cross-platform/cross-hypervisor virtio vsock use in go
5:00 AM
Don’t trust us, trust the math behind immudb
Made by Woz: how Apple-1 operating system works?
6:00 AM
Designing a new Language for Safety: Fuzion
Taking a desktop OS to mobile phones
7:00 AM
Back to DirectFB!
Java Security: Log4J, The SecurityManager & Funding
8:00 AM
Hack for the Planet
Llsoftsecbook: an open source book on software security for compiler developers
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
BONUS :: Lecture: Tracking Ransomware End-to-end
10:30 AM
Status of camera support on mobile FOSS devices

4:00 AM
Seamless Kernel Update
Āhau: Māori Identity & Data Sovereignty
5:00 AM
secPaver: Security Policy Development Tool
Securing and Hardening a container host
6:00 AM
Why safe programming matters and why Rust
Live coding session with Tokodon
7:00 AM
PlayStation 3 Emulation
8:00 AM
Trousseau — the Kubernetes Key Management Service provider
9:00 AM
What I wish I knew about security when I started programming
10:00 AM
Secure Communication with Tls
11:00 AM
Sudo: Watch and control your blind spots
12:00 NOON
Closing FOSDEM 2022

About Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (French: Réseau Enfants-Santé (RES)) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 by Marie Osmond, John Schneider, Mick Shannon, and Joe Lake, and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. CMNH raises funds for children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada that support the health of 10 million children each year across the U.S. and Canada. Donations go to local hospitals to fund critical life-saving treatments and healthcare services, along with innovative research, vital pediatric medical equipment, child life services that focus on kids’ emotional health during difficult hospital stays and financial assistance for families who could not otherwise afford these health services. To date, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has raised more than US $7 billion, which is distributed directly to a network of 158 hospitals.

About Children’s Specialized Hospital

Children’s Specialized Hospital, an RWJBarnabas Health facility, is the nation’s leading provider of inpatient and outpatient care for children from birth to 21 years of age facing special health challenges — from chronic illnesses and complex physical disabilities like brain and spinal cord injuries, to a full scope of developmental, behavioral, and mental health outcomes. At 14 different New Jersey locations, our pediatric specialists partner with families to make our many innovative therapies and medical treatments more personalized and effective so each child can reach their full potential.

About Child’s Play

Since 2003, Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 220 facilities worldwide, including hospitals and domestic abuse shelters. Over the years, you as a community have answered the call and come together to raise millions of dollars.

Child’s Play works in two ways. With the help of hospital staff, they set up gift wish lists full of video games, toys, books, and other fun stuff for kids. By clicking on a hospital location on our map, you can view that hospital’s wish list and send a gift.

Child’s Play also receives cash donations throughout the year. With those cash donations, they’ve purchase new consoles, peripherals, games, and more for hospitals and therapy facilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, friends, and family, and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience.


FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software.

In 2000, Raphael Bauduin, a fan of the Linux movement in Belgium, decided to organise a small meeting for developers of Open Source software. He called it ‘Open Source Developers’ European Meeting’ (OSDEM).

For the second year, OSDEM was renamed FOSDEM. And now, many years later, it has grown into the event it is today. FOSDEM tries to cover a wide spectrum of free and open source software projects, and offer a platform for people to collaborate. Every year, they host more than 5000 developers at the ULB Solbosch campus.

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. The goal is to provide free and open source software developers and communities a place to meet to:

  • get in touch with other developers and projects;
  • be informed about the latest developments in the free software world;
  • be informed about the latest developments in the open source world;
  • attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by project leaders and committers;
  • to promote the development and benefits of free software and open source solutions.




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