Reaction To Kreb’s hitpiece

Several Days ago, security research Brian Krebs wrote this unforgiving hitpiece on fellow Security Researcher malwaretech, a.k.a.Marcus Hutchinson. Malwaretech, recently arrested, is being charged with code he released publicly on github, for a crime that even Krebs admits, there is very little likely-hood he did not commit. Of course, this is 1000 words down, buried that the average reader will not pickup. This is a pure pre-trail attempt to assassinate the character of Malwaretech, nothing less.

Like many now upstanding netizens, Malwaretech misspent his teenage years(hence a skid is a script kiddie, being an underage miscreant). Like most in security, he decided to turn his life around and go whitehat. Its no secret, that many of the best corporate and government hackers where at one time caught doing blackhat work.

But lets be very clear, Malwaretech, right now, is being charged for Free software he released on github with the intent to aid security researchers in preventing attacks. He has been actively using his knowledge to prevent such attacks his entire adult life. Its also not lost on us, he takes the time to promote a paid service he admits to taking advertising dollars from in doxxing malwaretech.

Shades of this scandal wreak of the Kevin Mitnick debacle all over again. Its a clear indication the government has still has no intention to play fair with hackers. The era where Phil Zimmerman was incarcerated on weapons chargers for writing publicly available encryption. The era where this encryption was frequently cited as “aiding terrorists”.

On the strongest terms possible, DEFCon201 denounces Brian Krebs for writing a terrible hitpiece against Malwaretech. We stand with malware tech. We again stand against unbased and unwarranted charges, and FOR rule of law. Every computer enthusiast and independent or small time security researcher, regardless of how they identify themself, needs to understand their ass is now in the cross-hairs.

-GI_Jack, “All American Zero”

North East New Jersey DEFCON Group Chapter. Dirty Jersey Represent! We meet at Sub Culture once a month to hack on technology projects!

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