We are super proud of the current fundraiser drive we have been doing all month to fight COVID-19 by having hackers donate to the Fred Hutch Research Center on Tiltify.

We are currently at $140 in raised donations. Our goal is $200.

We think we can do better.

That is why starting on Friday, May 29th through May 30th we are going to do a DEFCON 201 Special LIVE Stream for a last two day run to reach our charity donation goal!

Live Streams:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/defcon201live

dLive: https://dlive.tv/defcon201

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDQaOHbK5trRU2CDgb0qSg

Invidious [TOR]: http://axqzx4s6s54s32yentfqojs3x5i7faxza6xo3ehd4bzzsg2ii4fv2iid.onion/channel/UCYDQaOHbK5trRU2CDgb0qSg

Periscope: https://www.twitter.com/defcon201nj

For those catching us on Twitch, DEFCON 201 will be using Tiltify to raise funds for Fred Hutch, one of the top ten biomedical research institutions that has reacted with unprecedented speed and cooperation to curb the threat of the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. They are using the coronavirus DNA crowd-sourced from scientists around the world, experts at Fred Hutch and the University of Basel in Switzerland are tracking how the virus is changing as it moves through people and countries. They’re sharing their data on their open source platform, Nextstrain.org and scientists and public health officials around the world are using it to monitor the pandemic and slow the spread of infection. This is part of our efforts as hackers to fight the devastation caused by COVID-19!

So much hacker content…where do we begin?


On Friday, May 29th from 6:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST, join DEFCON 201 Staff for our Reaction & Commentary to the IOT [Virtual] Village LIVE on Twitch!

IoT Virtual Village, occurring over 3 days from May 28–30, will offer the same high-quality content like hands-on labs, contests, and presentations that you would find at a physical IoT Village event and with similar access to discussions and networking opportunities.

Follow both IoT Village (@IoTvillage) and Village ID/IOT Labs (@VillageIDIOTLab) on Twitter for updates on talks, contests, and giveaways.

Friday, May 29th, 2020

6:00 pm — 6:45 pm :: Effects of IoT on corporate security during work from home

6:50 pm — 7:35 pm :: Emulating IoT Malware and Firmware with Docker+QEMU

7:40 pm — 8:05 pm :: SCADA/ICS Inherited Insecurity: From Nuclear Power Plants to Oil Rigs

8:10 pm — 8:35 pm :: The Great Hotel Hack: Adventures in Attacking Hospitality Industry

8:40 pm — 9:05 pm :: Power Line Communication Security on Smart Meters

9:10 pm — 9:50 pm :: SYNwall — A Zero-configuration (IoT) Firewall


Join in Saturday, May 30th from 10:00 AM EST to 11:00 PM EST, watch the reaction from DEFCON 201 Members on the Pros VS Joes CTF Broadcast LIVE on our Streaming Platforms!

During downtime on the broadcast and for two hours after the PvJ stream ends, we will be working between Discord and Zoom on Hacker Trivia Night by the Tech Learning Collective. (Details bellow!)

With the current state of the world, CTF Factory is partnering with its two premier sponsors, Gigamon and Red Lion, to bring a virtual game to play at the end of May.

This game will be very similar to our standard BSides format, except that all players will be remote and we’ll run it like a telethon with running commentary, presentations and a panel discussion. Plus, we are giving everyone access to Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT a network detection and response (NDR) solution. As usual, we will host the attack and defend game in our private cloud, allowing players to access remotely. Details on how our game is played are here.

HACKER TRIVIA NIGHT with the Tech Learning Collective CTF

This Friday, from May 29th, 3:00 PM EST to May 31st, 6:00 PM EST, we invite all DEFCON 201 Members, Attendees and Fans to help us hack the Hacker Trivia Night by the Tech Learning Collective!

Website: https://hacker-trivia-night.techlearningcollective.com

Medium: https://medium.com/@defcon201/defcon-201-online-ctf-practice-challenge-hacker-trivia-night-may-29th-may-31st-a514aa6e6a01?source=friends_link&sk=28661106e5306a7d8fda6f4506105f95

Meet-Up: https://www.meetup.com/DEFCON201/events/270959203/

NOTE: We will also be streaming parts of Hacker Trivia Night LIVE during our LIVE STREAM. Details to be on our LIVE Stream Special: TBA

Anyone can enter by joining our group and entering our DISCORD Chat! Once in chat, select the #CTF channel and follow the instructions. This is how you will obtain the DC201 Team Username and Password Log-In. You are then ready to hack away!





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