DEFCON 201 November Meet-Up — EFF: Electronic F%&king Fun & TeaseCraft

Welcome to a VERY SPECIAL November 2017 DEFCON 201 meet up!

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Time: 7:00 PM — 10:00 PM

Location: MakerBar (38 Jackson St. 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ)


Meet-Up: TBA

Joind.In: TBA

Hackaday: TBA


NOTE: All info posted here is TBD. We will have the final version a week before the event.

Today marks the near end of our month long initiative called “EFF: Electronic F%&king Fun!” All month of November, DEFCON 201 has been branching out to Sex Education topics to spread the hacker mentality and community to people we don’t normally interact with very often. DEFCON 201 has been educating people on the hacker mentality, hacker ethic and how to explore our own sexuality in the most hackerish and safe way possible. We have also been raising money for various sex positive organizations listed below.

We will be during our Meet & Greet doing our final, in person round on collecting donations for these organizations (swag may be involved) followed by an outstanding list of Lightning Talks that will expand your boundaries and open your mind to the many applications of hacking in our human lives.

Finally, our Open Project will be the first ever 201 area Teasecraft where we will be working on crafting, 3D printing and programming our own pleasure stuff. If you have any coding or hardware project not sex related, this is fine! In our opinion, nothing is more kinky than trying to root your Android phone or pop a hypervisor!

NOTE: All participants will be required to HAVE THEIR CLOTHES ON at ALL TIMES. This will be a 18+ ONLY EVENT so please do not bring your young ones to this meet up. To our younger members will see you again in December!

7:00pm — 7:40pm

Meet & Greet & Sex Positive Charity Donations
7:40pm — 7:50pm
Sex Consent Talk — Andre Shakti
7:50pm — 8:00pm Reprogramming the Internet of Dongs — qDot
8:00pm — 8:15 pm
How Violet Wands Work — XavierDOM
8:15pm — 8:55pm
Screw It Yourself: Making Your Own Pleasure Toys — Kit Stubbs, Andrew
9:00pm — 9:55pm
Open Projects & Community Project Workshop
9:55pm — 10:00pm


Teasecraft — The Effing Foundation

DEFCON 201 Code of Conduct and Operational Documents Editathon — Sidepocket

Trevor Forget Funeral Donations — Sidepocket/GI Jack


Sex Consent Talk


:..>Bio: Andre Shakti is an educator, producer, activist, and sex worker devoted to normalizing alternative desires, de-stigmatizing sex workers and their partners, and not taking herself too seriously.. Support her Patreon at: Reprogramming the Internet of Dongs

:..> The software allows developers to easily build applications, games, and other software that will control all sorts of toys, instead of just one type of toy. Better yet, is open source, so if you want to write your own software to do whatever it is you want, you have access to all the functionality you need. In this talk, we will go over the software itself both client side (C#, Javascript, Go) and server side (C#, Javascript, Rust), how to use it to reprogram sex toys and what needs to be worked on for future releases.

:.>Bio: qDot (Kyle Machulis) is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Computer Science. He currently spends his days as a mild-mannered engineer, and his nights sitting in front of his computer with the firm belief that someone on the internet cares about what he does. You can fnd out more about his project at:

How Violet Wands Work

:..>In the late 1800s with the spread of the use of electricity and the proliferation of inventors, electricity was touted as a means to cure many physical and mental ailments. Thus, from Tesla coil and medical shock box grandparents, the violet ray parent birthed one meek child: the soft, angelic ‘High Frequency’ beauty device… and one ‘demon’ spawn….. The Violet Wand. Violet wands are modern electrical sexual or kink stimulation toys. They are used for the application of low current, high voltage (min 35 kV to max 65 kV typically), high-frequency electricity to the body. They are most commonly used in BDSM though erotic sensation play is also possible with them. Join our expert as he will go over how to build, maintain and use a Violet Wands for personal use. During the open workshop; safety, basic and advance techniques will be taught to those who want to try a hands-on demo in a safe environment.

:..>Bio: A proud Browncoat, Whovian, and a fan of Sherlock, Star Wars, Anime, and Horror Movies of all kinds; XavierDOM is currently a geek who is educated in networking security, computer repair, server maintenance and so on. He is a member and demonstrator for the International Violet Wand Guild and loves to expose people to the joys of the Violet Wand. You can find out more about the Guild here:

Screw It Yourself: Making Your Own Pleasure Toys


:..>Bio: Kit Stubbs is a non-binary/queer/pansexual roboticist, maker, and entrepreneur who’s more interested in people than in technology. Kit earned their PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008 and later launched the Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity (, a nonprofit whose mission is to reduce sexual shame by fostering sex-positive artists and educators. They blog about technological empowerment for sexuality and pleasure, including their experiences and creations, at Kit also organizes teasecraft-boston, a meetup group for sex/kink-positive makers ( View more of their work at:


Teasecraft NJ/NYC with Kit Stubbs & Friends

:..>What is Teasecraft?

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teasecraft meetup groups are for folks interested in making their own sex toys / BDSM equipment / other kinky and fun things.

All are welcome, regardless of your (a)sexuality/orientation/gender or what materials you work with (electronics, wood, metal, leather, software, etc.).

The goals of teasecraft are to:

  • Create local, sex/kink-positive spaces where people can have informal conversations about making and hacking technology
  • Bring together makers and crafters who work with a diverse range of materials
  • Give everyone an opportunity to see the fun things that their neighbors are building

teasecraft isn’t a formal organization, but a loose collection of people hosting meetup groups in their own local areas.

We at DEFCON 201 are honored to host the first ever Hudson County Teasecraft and are reaching out to those in North East New Jersey and New York City to bring all their crazy ideas. Floggers, clothing, paddles, whips, comic books, chain mail, toys, ect. Whatever floats your boat that you DYI, we love to bring it and do a show and tell on how it works and how you created it!

:..>What To Bring:

Yourself and any (preferably kink) projects you’d like to show off.

DEFCON 201 Code of Conduct and Operational Documents Editathon

:..>For those who are not aware, we do have a Code of Conduct and other forms of policy and operations. These are living documents that we want to work with the DEFCON 201 members and community to build upon over time. We need your help and input to make our operations clearer, better and smoother in the future!

:..>What To Bring: Yourself and a clear state of mind.


DEFCON 201 will be having a wake that will be for the late cockroach, Trevor, who lost his life on September 23rd 2017 at a SmashBurger in Louisville, Kentucky after (DEFCON GROUPS Founder and head of DEFCON 801) Grifter opened his mouth one too many times.

During the #forcedmeme of a wake, we have opened a fund via charity jar in Trevor’s name on behalf of his 500 relatives to promote delicious shakes and rapid fornication. Donations collected will be distributed evenly to some of the charities he listed in his will such as:

The Effing Foundation: The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded by Kit Stubbs, Ph.D., of The Toymaker Project. Our mission is to reduce sexual shame and normalize conversations around human sexuality by fostering sex-positive art and education.


The New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault: The New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA) is a coalition that joins people together in action for the common cause of ending sexual violence and supporting all those whose lives have been affected by it.


Queercon: Queercon started 10 years ago as a hacker party inside of the annual Defcon hacker conference. Over the decade Queercon has grown into the largest social network of LGBT hackers from around the world. We continue to grow and now focus on outreach to the LGBT community within the IT Security and Hacker Spaces.


Hypatia Software Foundation: The Mission of Hypatia Software Organization is to work to end the homelessness and disenfranchisement of people who experience transmisogyny via mentorship, cash relief, community building, and support.


The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) was formed in 1997 by a small group led by Susan Wright under the auspices of the New York SM Activists. The goal was to fight for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior.


The Hyacinth AIDS Foundation: Our mission at Hyacinth is to help people live with HIV, slow the spread of the epidemic, and serve as a critical voice in the public debate surrounding AIDS in New Jersey.


The Sexworkers Projects: The Sex Workers Project provides client-centered legal and social services to individuals who engage in sex work, regardless of whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion.



North East New Jersey DEFCON Group Chapter. Dirty Jersey Represent! We meet at Sub Culture once a month to hack on technology projects!

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