DEFCON 201 Meet Up — December 2019 — HoHoCon Part Deux

Date: December 20th, Friday

Time: 7:00 PM — 10:00 PM

Location: Sub Culture (260 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ)


Facebook: TBA

Write.As [TOR]: TBA

Hackaday: TBA



Welcome to the December 2019 DEFCON 201 Meet Up!

’Tis the season for hacking and whether you are lighting up a micro-controller menorah, turning your Xmas tree into a giant Wi-Fi war-dialing antenna or remembering your ancestors by creating Wikipedia entries for them, we invite your to our final meeting of 2019 to close out the year. This will be one of our most packed meeting yet from our last Online CTF, a rant about EVERYTHING in InfoSec, present swap, Mr. Robot screening and a moment of silence for those we had lost in the recent tragic events of Jersey City.

About Our Venue:

We welcome you to Sub Culture at 260 Newark Ave in Jersey City. Five blocks from the Grove Street Path station and right on the NJ Transit Bus Stop; enjoy Free-Wifi, affordable (meat and vegan) food, power strips, video games on Raspberry Pi and sweet times! More information at

If you like to do a talk at our meet ups our collaborate with our staff and members in a project partnership shoot us a email at:


7:00pm — 7:55pm
Open Workshops Projects & Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode Screening
7:55pm — 8:00pm
A Sneak Peak Of DEFCON 201 in 2020 — Sidepocket, GI Jack
8:00pm — 8:10pm
Secret Hacker Santa Swap
8:10pm — 9:55pm
The Hacker Rant To End All Hacker Rants — NCommander
9:55pm — 10:00pm


Practice Lockpicking & Locksport — Sidepocket

justCTF Practice Online Challenge — GI Jack

Nintendo Labo VR Blaster Build & Play — Sidepocket


A Sneak Peak Of DEFCON 201 In 2020

:..>If you thought the last two years of DEFCON 201 was nuts, you have not seen ANYTHING about what we have planned for next year in 2020. From online war games, crashing conventions, Pi-Holes & Pwnagotchis, art galleries, civic programs, our first official attending of DEF CON 28 and a tons more! Join our Co-Founders at a sneak peak into our bright feature and how the Dirty Jersey smell is about to embark it’s foul hacker stank nationwide!

:.> Bio: A Co-Founder of DEFCON 201, an open group for hacker workshop projects in North East New Jersey, Sidepocket is constantly wanting to help people to get better at whatever they want to do and learn. He also has a history with NYC 2600, Radio Statler at Hackers on Planet Earth, Phone Losers of America, Museum of Urban Reclaim Spaces and The Yes Men. Find out more about DEFCON 201 at:

GI Jack is one of the Co-Founders of DEFCON 201. He might have seen a Ninja that had built their own hacker variant of Arch Linux known as Ninja OS. You might be able to also find this ninja at:

The Hacker Rant To End All Hacker Rants

:..>2019 seems to have been a pretty good year for hacking, right? Well, not for this hacker! In this talk, we have given nearly two hours for our long time recurring speaker to rant about so many technology, community and Information Security topics that would take a novel to list. Plus, at one point we are going to turn the cameras off and he will go even FURTHER into madness about topics too hot for public (re)broadcast. This rant will be so long and so foul that it will end and only end when Sub Culture shuts the place down and our meeting ends! We even have the giant novelty hook ready if that does not convince him to step off the soap box…

:..>Bio: NCommander (@fossfirefighter) lives in New York and is a contributor to multiple free and open-source software projects, an Ubuntu core developer, and an active developer for the Hermes Center for Transparency working on the GlobaLeaks project. In his free time, he likes to travel, write, and play with radios.


Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode Screening

:..>Since we are getting into the holiday hacker spirit, why not celebrate it by watching one of the XMas themed Mr. Robot Season 4 Episodes that take place around Christman day in universe? During the Meet & Greet section of our meeting, we will air the episode “405 Method Not Allowed” on our large HD projector! ATTENTION: Mr. Robot is a very graphic, language intense show dealing with disturbing adult themes, viewer discretion is advised!

Practicing Lockpicking & Locksport

:..>DEFCON 201 will have padlocks and professional practice tumblers provided by TOOOL to practice on. Fun and easy to learn for all ages and backgrounds with two expert instructors!

justCTF Practice Online Challenge

:..>This Friday, starting on December 20th at 4:00 PM EST, we invite all DEFCON 201 Members, Attendees and Fans to help us hack the justCTF 2019! We will continue our online hacks in person during our meeting. If you are new to Online CTF, we will help you get set up and walk you thorugh some of the challenges. Then you can log in anytime after to September 22nd 4:00 AM EST to continue our CTF conquest! To learn more about the CTF, please follow this link:

:..>What To Bring: Any laptop will do. Ideally you want to load it full of Information Security Red Team and Blue Team tools, look at Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Pentoo or Black Arch for ideas. To participate afterwards online, you will need a Discord Account and to join our Discord at this link:

Secret Hacker Santa Swap

:..>Bring out your inexpensive (but useful) hacker gifts for our first evenr Secret Hacker Santa Swap! It’s like a White (Hat) Elephant or Yankie Swap…but with 1337 Haxxors!

We will be collecting gifts (details below) as members come in and donate their gift until we begin the swap. These will be kept in a safe, secure location.

Participants will then draw numbers from a hat to determine their swap order from one up to the total number of participants.

Each person gets a crack at choosing a gift. The person who picks the first gift opens it and shows it to the rest of the company. Then the number two participant picks a gift and chooses to either unwrap it or swap it for an unwrapped gift. If the gift is swapped, the person who had their gift taken from them gets to unwrap the chosen gift and the turn passes.

:..>What To Bring: Any gift that is a monitary value USD price of $15 or less. Home crafted gifts are all acceptable. You can submit anything but try to keep it hacker theme (something useful for example USB sticks, old PC hardware, device chargers, gift cards), let your imagination run wild!

Nintendo VR Blaster Build & Play

:..>We have a new cardboard engineering construction for anyone of any skill level to try out. Combine DIY fun with simple, shareable VR, plus a new programming tool you can use to make your own quick play VR games and experiences! When finished, we will take turns blasting through an alien invasion, test your skills at competitive hippo feeding, and go wherever else our imagination takes us!

:..>What To Bring: The ability to follow instructions and fold paper. The play portion needs two working eyes with depth perception and a resistance to motion sickness.


:..>DEFCON 201 will expand into video media in late September. We will be launching various videos including an Introduction, Member Spotlights, Archived Lightning Talks, Tutorials, Directions and more on the DTube, Vimeo and YouTube Mirror platforms. We will also have downloadable copies on the DEFCON 201 NextCloud of select media for DEFCON 201 Members who want hard copies of videos. If you want to be in the Introduction, Member Spotlights or Archive Lighting Talks you can inquire into us about signing our DEFCON 201 Consent Forums and we will walk you through the process. Those who have not signed our DEFCON 201 Consent Forums during meetings will NOT be recorded in Video or Audio as per our policy. Furthermore, any instances of media recording photo/video/audio via DEFCON 201 Staff will be alerted to all president attendees beforehand prior to recording.





North East New Jersey DEFCON Group Chapter. Dirty Jersey Represent! We meet at Sub Culture once a month to hack on technology projects!

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DCG 201

DCG 201

North East New Jersey DEFCON Group Chapter. Dirty Jersey Represent! We meet at Sub Culture once a month to hack on technology projects!

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