DEFCON 201 July Social Meet Up ~ Caffeine & Code

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Date: July 11th, Thursday

Time: 7:00 PM — 11:00 PM

Location: Empanadas Cafe (123 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ)


Facebook: TBA

Joind.In: TBA

Hackaday: TBA

Welcome to our second DEFCON 201 Social Meet Up of the year!

DEFCON 201 Social Meet Ups are the reverse of our normal meetings. Unstructured, relaxed, casual, social exploring a new part of North East New Jersey at different days and times. This allows us to bring out people who could normally not make our monthly meet ups and allows us to get some fresh perspectives and have fun with new people.

This is the second in a special series called “Caffeine & Code”.

Bring your laptops and get pumped full of bean juice as you hack away at code!

Our second Caffeine & Code will take place at the Empanadas Cafe, 123 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ (four blocks from the Hoboken PATH Station).

As long as you order a drink and/or food item, you can code with us!


North East New Jersey DEFCON Group Chapter. Dirty Jersey Represent! We meet at Sub Culture once a month to hack on technology projects!

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