DEFCON 201 Google CTF Practice Challenge — June 22nd

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Welcome to the DEFCON 201 Google CTF Practice Challenge!

For over two years we have been planing running our own Wargames and CTF to help people develop their hacking skills. While progress is still being made (we plan to launch our own in Winter 2019), DC201 will also occasionally enter into various online CTF Tournaments to test our skills and to get a sample on how one is set up so we have a blueprint in creating our own.

This Saturay, from June 21st 7:00 PM EST to June 22nd 7:00 PM EST, we invite all DEFCON 201 Members, Attendees and Fans to help us hack the Google CTF 2019!


CTF Time Page:

Anyone can enter by joining our group and entering our DISCORD Chat! Once in chat, select the #CTF channel and hack away!

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DEFCON 201 Discord Link:


Clear Net:





Android: (We recommend using YALP)

Join The DEFCON 201 CTF Time Group:


Welcome to the Google CTF 2019 Quals

If this is your first time playing a CTF competition, we suggest you start in the Beginner’s Quest here. If you are a seasoned and experienced player, or feel ready for a harder challenge, our competition will be running from June 22 00:01 UTC until June 23 23:59 UTC. Once the competition starts, the challenges for the main competition will be available here.

Q: Is there a limit of players per team?

A: There is no limit of players in a team.

Q: I got an error: PERMISSION_DENIED: Permission denied.

A: Try picking a different team name, the team name you inserted is already taken.

Q: I got an error: This browser is not supported or 3rd party cookies and data may be disabled.

A: Enable 3rd party cookies. Instructions for Chrome are available under “Allow or block cookies by default”.

Where can I submit a write-up?

Please submit all write-ups as an attachment in CommonMark Markdown format to If your write-up can’t be submitted in Markdown (for example, if it’s a video, or an app), please send us a link to a ZIP file we can use to download it. The deadline for write-up submission is June 30 23:59 UTC. Any write-up received after that will not be accepted.

Where can I ask a question?

During the competition, you can reach the Google CTF team on IRC on ##ctfcompetition on freenode. Click here to join with your web browser. You can also reach us by email at

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Happy Hacking!


North East New Jersey DEFCON Group Chapter. Dirty Jersey Represent! We meet at Sub Culture once a month to hack on technology projects!

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