1. We at DEFCON 201 do not tolerate verbally or physical harassment, discrimination or disparaging remarks of event participants, attendees or DEFCON 201 Members in any form.

1a. Harassment includes — but is not limited to — unwelcome conduct or offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, national origin, or religion; deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, unwelcome or unauthorized photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

1b. Encouraging others to engage in such behavior is not permitted, nor are false accusations of harassment.

1c. Event participants, attendees and DEFCON 201 Members must own up to their own mistakes if confronted by DEFCON 201 CoC Officers about a report or witnessing of an event participant/attendee/DEFCON 201 Member is being harassed.

2. There shall be no official ideology of DEFCON 201. However, people espousing ideas or belonging to groups that deny social, economic and/or political agency to persons or groups based on their race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender identity/expression, disability status, sexual orientation, or perception thereof; therefor will not be allowed to attend or participate is DEFCON 201 events and meet ups. Persons openly espousing ideas that remove others Freedoms shall not be welcome. This includes any groups that openly states in denying agency to said persons regardless of their actual capacity to do so.

2a. Persons known to be participating in organizations designed to remove political rights, harm, harass, disparage others based on real or perceived sexual orientation, gender, racial or ethnic background will not be tolerated.

3. You will not otherwise violate principles found in the DEFCON 201 Constitution and Code of Conduct.

4. You will not steal, harass, defraud, coerce, lie to, assault, anyone else in DEFCON 201, any welcome guests, to include any other member of any other DEFCON group. This includes sexual harassment.

4a. This includes threats or implying any action from section 4.

4b. Any attempts at black hat social engineering on DEFCON 201 members for whatever reason will be considered assault.

5. All persons at DEFCON 201 events shall be addressed by whatever names they ask to be addressed as. No exceptions. Pseudonyms are recommended and encouraged due to hacker tradition, but it is not demanded.

5a. All persons at DEFCON 201 events shall be identified by whatever gender they identify themselves as, and use whatever pronouns the person wishes. No exceptions. If you need to know, ask in a polite and respectful manner.

6*. Members of DEFCON 201, who are of age of legal age, and not of responsibilities such as driving that would prohibit them, may consume alcoholic beverages served and/or brought at DEFCON 201 events, provided they are otherwise not prohibited by law or good taste. Members of DEFCON 201 may also abstain from alcohol for any reason as well.

* — As of this writing, legalization of marijuana for recreational consumption is being considered by the State of New Jersey. If New Jersey does in fact legalize cannabis for recreational consumption, members are allowed to consume on the same terms as alcohol.

6a. Consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance is not an excuse for poor behavior. All rules are still in effect drunk or sober,. “had a bit too much to drink” will never be an excuse.

7. No member of DEFCON 201 will doxx, or leak documents containing personal information of anyone. No member of DEFCON 201 will publish noted private information to the public, or other parties not given due authorization. This also applies for DEFCON 201 private documents, to private communications, to personal communications with another person that has not consented to release explicitly. Exception to this will be leaking or reporting to authorities evidence of wrongdoing with the interesting in remediating such.

8. You shall not sexually harass or make any unwanted sexual advances to anyone. Accusations of such will be taken seriously. Reports of sexual misconduct are to be investigated by DEFCON 201 CoC Officers.

9. All attendees, speakers, on-location event staff and volunteers at our events are required to refrain from harassment and to follow the DEFCON 201 CoC Guidelines established in Section V. DEFCON 201 CoC Officers will enforce this Code throughout the event(s), and expects cooperation from all participants, attendees and DEFCON 201 Members.

9a. During normal event interaction if you as an event participant/attendee/DEFCON 201 member and encounter an interpersonal situation where you are being negatively affected by (a) disparaging remark(s) we encourage you to request that the person stop the unwelcome or harassing behavior, provided that it is safe to do so. Participants who are asked to stop any such behavior are expected to comply immediately.

9b. If the scenario in 9a of the DEFCON 201 CoC persists with out any rectification of error by the instigator and/or you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any related concerns, please contact a DEFCON 201 CoC Officer or event organizers immediately. DEFCON 201 CoC Officers can be identified by their clearly marked “DEFCON 201 CoC Officer” sticker badge. You can also phone email DEFCON 201 CoC Officers directly at or communicate by talking to a DEFCON 201 CoC Officer using the DEFCON 201 the Keybase, IRC #DEFCON201 on Freenode, Twitter @defcon201nj or Discord communication services via private messages.

10. Those approved to present Lightning Talks and/or Workshops at DEFCON 201 events are responsible for the content of their presentations. DEFCON 201 requests that speakers be aware of potentially offensive actions, language, or imagery, and that they evaluate under guidance of DEFCON 201 CoC Officers whether it is necessary to convey their message. If said speaker and DEFCON 201 decide to include said content, DEFCON 201 asks that the presenter warn the audience at the beginning of the talk, and provide them with the opportunity to leave the room to avoid seeing or hearing the material.


Status Of A Living Document

Henceforth, the published DEFCON 201 Constitution and Code of Conduct will be perceived as a Amendable Living Document. Terms and conditions for changing the rules are in DEFCON 201 Constitution — Section III DEFCON 201 Business.

The Constitution and Code of Conduct are published publicly on our website, blogs and editor websites such as GitHub (

Each version of this document will also be archived on the DEFCON 201 Website and via the Internet Archive. We do not have any hidden rules, agendas or sections of this document outside of unpublished updated versions that are being edited for review. Only when a rewritten DEFCON 201 Constitution and Code of Conduct is published publicly does it go into “law” and can be referenced and acted upon.

This last sentence states that what has been written above has been edited, read, understood and approved by members who have voted to agree to published that will be verified using the DEFCON 201 Warrant Canary**.

** — As of writing, DEFCON 201 Warrant Canary is in Development




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