DCG 201 Stance On The Israel–Hamas Conflict & Hackers4Palestine Charity Initiative

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5 min readDec 6, 2023

So…this is a simple yet difficult topic to talk about. Yes, even worse than regular expressions.

It would take us FOREVER to explain the complex history and even the current unfolding situation on what’s going on so instead we are linking to these videos below to watch and learn at your leisure:


We at DCG 201 are obviously horrified at the mass deaths, tortures, r*pe and kidnappings going on in the region as it has directly affected our friends and allies both locally here in the US and abroad.

After shifting through the data (you have most likely seen our posts on social media) here is our stance on the matter just in case you are confused at home.

We at DCG 201 condemn Hamas who at best is a corrupt government faction that sponsors terrorists (reminds us of someone at home) and at worse is a terrorist organization itself.

We also condemn Israel under the god-awful George Bush levels of Benjamin Netanyahu who’s response is similar to the USA Response of 9/11 that instead of going after Hamas directly in a swift, practical manner they just went “ALL BROWN PEOPLE ARE EVIL” and has proceeded to try to wipe out all Palestinians off the face of the earth which include Arabs, Christians, Jews, Americans and even other Israelis:

In addition this conflict is breeding a new generation of Anti-Antisemitism and Anti-Arabism that is already causing harassment and deaths of people world wide who have NOTHING to do with this conflict.

This is why at DCG 201 we encourage a cease fire in the region, for diplomatic solutions in the face of barbarism, the end of biblical revenge genocidal thought and for the United States, UK and European Union (who ultimately caused this mess in the first place) to stop manipulating Palestinian people for their own personal gain.

We also have been tracking and studying the extremely poor propaganda coming out of Israel that is designed not for peace and showcasing the best of the Jewish people but instead provoking racist fears for the WASPS in the US that fund them:

We could go on and on about this conflict but, we are hackers, so unlike tech bros who simply complain all day about the mistakes they cause, we want to get out of theory and try to do something…ANYTHING, to help.

This is why DCG 201 is proud to announce:


DCG 201 is raising money for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to aid those who have been affected by the ongoing 2023–2024 Israel–Hamas War in Palestine-Gaza from December 2023 to March 2024.

But we are not doing it alone…we invite YOU to also participate!

Setting our own fundraising goals stupid flow, DCG 201 plans on at minimum donating half aka $200 out of a group total of a minimum measly $400.

We are reaching out to the hackers community both individually and this open invite to all hackers that if YOU make Video Content, Pre-Recorded or LIVE Stream (Twitch, YouTube & TikTok), Podcasts & Music, Virtual Fitness, Social Media Influence, Fitness or anything public on the internet to join and participate to reaching our goals so we can help the innocents who have been maimed and injured in this war!

You can DM us on our Social Medias (Twitter/X, Instagram, Mastodon, Blue Sky & More) or email us at:


If you want to participate from now until March 2024.

We will add you to the group Hackers4Palestine on Tiltify and give you the resources to start fundraising including the promotion of your content on our channels as well as our affiliates & partners!

About Doctors Without Borders Emergency Relief

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organization that provides aid to people in more than 70 countries whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters. MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

About Tiltify

Tiltify is a social fundraising platform that brings together digital communities, charities and brands to do social good across the globe. With innovative fundraising engagement tools such as polls, milestones, and rewards as well as interactive overlays, Tiltify is the #1 charity fundraising platform for digital communities.

Through P2P campaigns on Tiltify, nonprofits receive the benefits of reaching new digitally-native donors, without spending the time, energy and resources on actively crypto fundraising. Influencers and streamers on Tiltify act as fundraisers, asking their followers and subscribers to donate to their favorite charities.

When you donate through Tiltify, we at DCG 201 don’t see or handle any of the money. Instead, this trusted 3rd Party sorts out all donations and sends them to the correct places for us. We don’t see any of your user information outside of the username you decide to list yourselves on our Donner Wall and LIVE Stream as. The best part? Even if we don’t make our goals, all money that was donated will still go to our cause!

You also have options to pay with Fiat Money via Stripe or PayPal and can even pay in a variety of Cryptocurrencies:





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