DCG 201 LIVE STREAM SPECIAL: The Garden State 4/20 — Cannabis LIVE Stream Week

This week we will have two DCG 201 Specials on our LIVE Stream in celebration of 420 and the affects of NJ Govenor Murphy’s recent legalization laws will affect the tech, decriminalization business and culture of Cannabis production in the state!

DCG 201 Special: The Garden State — 4/20 LIVE Stream

Date: Tuesday, April 20th

Time: 4:00 AM EST — 5:30 PM EST

On this DCG 201 Special, Co-Founder GI Jack will talk with two from the New Jersey Cannabis World to talk cannabis tech, decriminalization, NJ’s Cannabis Laws and more!


Blazin’ Bakery — Tara Misu

:..>Blazin’ Bakery was founded in 2010 by Tara Misu with the mission of creating a simple method for anyone to easily make their own potent and delicious herbal edibles at home. It is the first brownie mix with optimized ingredients designed specifically for this purpose.

Blazin’ Bakery which has always been based in New Jersey is a legacy brand particularly recognizable in the North East where it has been a top selling booth at Boston Hempfest every year.

In recent years the line has continued to expand and now includes CBD products and various herbal accessories. The brand has an ever increasing presence at smoke shops and retailers as well as being a staple booth at festivals nationally.

:..>Bio: Tara Misu is the CEO and founder of Blazin’ Bakery, New Jersey’s first legal edibles company since 2009, whose products have been sold in Spencer Gifts and over 1,000 shops nationally. She is the co-author of New Jersey’s 2019 Medical Marijuana Bill Jake Honig’s Law, NJ’s first cannabis legislation passed in nearly a decade. She sits on the board of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, is a highly sought after cannabis consultant and frequently speaks at national conferences on topics such as edibles, extraction, licensing, branding and policy. Tara hosts the podcast Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu interviewing her network of cannabis innovators and thought leaders. Before her time in cannabis Tara worked as a designer/branding specialist in New York and London, her resume includes Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Victoria’s Secret and the Hearst Corporation.

/rootAffects — Adam Callen

:..>rootAffects is a multidisciplinary Cannabis business in New York, which features “CannaBiz” consulting, online learning and merchandise sales, as well as a growth facility in Puerto Rico. From their proprietary anti-counterfeit cannabis technology to custom smart moisture sensors for a specific grow tech company they create cutting edge software and hardware for greater efficiencies and enhanced awareness on Cannabis products. They also manufacture:

  • Thrive Terrace Gardens producing 5.5lb / light
  • Hyperponic Grow Towers producing 20 pounds per tower
  • VioletGro lighting running at 250w in full flower cycle
  • Agnetix LED lighting with 12 foot, 1,000um light penetration

:..>Bio: Adam Callen is a serial entrepreneur that has created and operated an IT Security Consulting company for the past 15 years, multiple large scale websites with large social followings, and most recently has been in the cannabis industry for the past 5 years. He created his cannabis company, Caribbean Green, from an idea to a $7mm+ valuation in 2 years with Puerto Rico’s first medical cannabis cultivation license (50k sqft), the first Manufacturing license, and has 3 operating dispensaries.

His claim to Jersey fame is that he lived in Jersey City for a year (lol), and developed Jay and Silent Bob’s cannabis brand “Private Stash”.

Companies and Products Developed:

Caribbean Green — Puerto Rico’s first Cannabis company

Psyance — Identity and Access Management and Cloud services — https://Psyance.com

rootAffects — Cannabis Consulting focusing on the tech side of things — https://rootAffects.com

Black Market Attire — High End cannabis brand — https://BlackMarketAttire.com

Live Once Ink — Tattoo Shop in Puerto Rico — http://LiveOnceInk.com

DMNTN! — Online video micro-content creation for streamers using AI microservices https://DMNTN.com

I’m Legit — Anti-counterfeit tech using OTP codes and NFC (mainly for the cannabis space) — https://imlegit.co

Some old school stuff:

  • Used to run one of Michigan’s largest “Elite / Warez” BBS’s back in the day (Renegade / Oblivion) 2400bps baby!
  • Wrote a few white papers (talk about old! lol https://erasme.org/IMG/txt/tdgtw-warxing.txt )
  • Been attending Defcon on and off for almost 20 years now
  • More interested in Social Engineering as I find it’s more useful in every day life, and as they say, there’s no patch for human stupidity =)

Crypto Barons :: Episode 22 :: Crypto Market High with PotCoin & Tokes

Date: Saturday, April 24th

Time: 8:00 PM EST

On this episode, DCG 201 Co-Founder “Sidepocket” will celebrate 4/20 week by taking a deep dive into the technology, market and activism of the PotCoin cryptocurrency & Tokes blockchain payment system including their recent partnership to provide methods of cannabis payment in legal states without involving the messy and confusing legal system.


Tokes Platform is a blockchain focused company building software solutions for merchant adoption of cryptocurrency coupled with data provenance of supply chains within the legal cannabis industry for the private and public sectors. This includes, but is not limited to, point-of-sale processing software, ecommerce storefronts, mobile applications, and supply chain visibility tools.

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PotCoin was the very first industry specific cryptocurrency developed to empower the legalized cannabis industry. PotCoin is a community based project, operating as a decentralized organization where community members determine their level of involvement, commitment and ultimately, coin development.

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