DCG 201
2 min readAug 3


LOCATION: Instagram HQ (770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003)

DATE: Thursday, August 3rd

TIME: 2:00pm - 5:00pm EST

Those impacted and their allies are gathering to protest on behalf of sex-positive accounts lost due to censorship.

You can join us at the protest or help us raise awareness online. Post, promote, and help us get the attention we need to help end discriminatory censorship of pleasure.

Use hashtag #METACENSORS in any posts to help inform more people.

META has increased its policing on pleasure-focused artists, workers, educators and business accounts, removing vital resources for those who use the platform to spread positive messages about sex and connect to supporters.

Creators invest countless hours, resources and money into their profiles, only to have no protection against deletions, revenge reporting and false accusations of solicitation.

We rebuke the erasure of consensual sex and pleasure in digital spaces.
This includes Facebook, Instagram and now Threads.

Our mission is to bring attention to this form of erasure and highlight the voices of legal business owners in pleasure, sex education, straight and LGBTQ+ sexual expression and activism.

We’re continuing the protest against META policy that began in London with the suspension of 45 accounts within the kink and fetish community, bringing together other pleasure focused business owners who’ve been impacted.


More transparency around account suspension.

Better options to reinstate accounts.

Protections for accounts engaged in legal businesses.

End suspension for linking to legal business websites outside of META.

Penalization and ability to block accounts engaged in revenge reporting.

Adjust excessive policing of accounts post FOSTA/SESTA.




DCG 201

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