COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: DCG 201 Co-Founder Sidepocket’s Beginners Lockpicking Course On BIC Livestream — 4/17 — 1pm EST

Live Stream:

BIC YouTube:


Date: Saturday, April 17th

Time: 1:00 PM EST

This Saturday (4/17), DCG 201 Co-Founder Sidepocket is honored to be invited by Blacks In Cyber Security to do a beginners lockpicking training course!

As a member of TOOOL and host of the DCG 201 LIVE Stream Show “The Master Of Unlocking”, you will learn:

— Anatomy Of A Lock

— Why Lockpicking Works

— How To Pick Basic Pin & Tumbler Locks

— Types Of Lockpicks & Techniques

— Where To Buy Lockpicking Tools

— Defeating Real Security Features

— Creating Lockpicks For Cheap

Decoding Combination Locks

— Avenues To Expand Your Lockpicking Knowledge

& More!

Here are some recommended tools to start your journey if you have the dough to shell to buy them!

All-In-One Training

Starter Lockpicks Kits

Practice Locks

Real World Beginner Locks

BONUS: Jewelry

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